Juicy Twitter Bird Icon

Juicy Twitter Bird Icon

by leiger
Juicy Twitter Bird Icon
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This icon comes with an Adobe Illustrator .AI file as well as an .EPS file. It also comes with a .PSD and two promotion images. This can re-scale to any size! It's very easy to re-color.

- This was made in photoshop CS5.1 Extended edition and was not tested in earlier CS versions. Please let us know if this works with earlier CS versions and we will update the File information section.

Re-sale or Re-distribution of this icon set is strictly forbidden.

- Designed and Created by The Icon Deposit's Creator (Matt Gentile)

If you have any questions or comments about how to style the effects for the Photoshop .PSD Document, leave a comment below and I will answer your questions and or comments.

File Information

License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
Type of Design: Vector Icon Set
Layerd?: Yes
Minimum Adobe CS Version: CS5
Dimensions in Pixels: 527x527

Color Palette


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