Start Up an App using Ruby on Rails

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Start Up an App using Ruby on Rails

26 Aug 2015 00:26

Just a quick Ruby on Rails code/reminder that gets your app started. Feel free to type in your Rails command prompt rails, which is used to display the full options for the rails command.

I will be adding new snippets of Ruby on Rails coding once I'm near finished with my knowledge of Ruby (I want to make these posts right for everyone! Being Ruby is a difficult language to learn…). I figured this would help certain users like myself start up an app quickly.

Eventually I will be adding a tutorial on how to build a Rails app from the ground up. Stay tuned in the future for that one!

The Rails snippet/command to get you started:

$ rails new MyMainApp

That's it!

If you have trouble running bundle install while the app is compiling on a Windows OS feel free to comment below and I'll help you solve your issue.

Disclaimer: This tutorial is assuming you have beginner knowledge of Ruby on Rails.

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