Glass Social Icon Set Release

Glass Social Icon Set Release


This is our latest icon set design! We also made a .psd file for the complete icon set template so you can make alternate versions of this icon set with ease. There was a .xcf file added as well for people that have GIMP. We strongly recommend using dark backgrounds with this icon set. This is only because it was meant for dark backgrounds.

The lightest background color allowed for this icon set is the (hex color number) #303030. As we were designing our sites background image, we created the icons at the same time. That's why this set is meant for darker backgrounds. This icon set looks wonderful with the background color #151515.

  • This icon set is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Liscense.
  • If you would like to use this icon set in a blog post or more then link back to this blog post, Not the Download link.
  • Re-Sale or Re-Distribution is prohibited!
  • This icon set download is NOT to be hosted off another site other than

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06 Mar 2011 03:20

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